Public Libraries 2020

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Public libraries empower citizens of all ages to develop and create the skills, knowledge and ideas they need to participate fully and independently in society.

In 2014 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation granted us the opportunity to launch the project Public Libraries 2020. From our Brussels office we ran a very successful programme to raise awareness about the importance of public librar-ies as modern learning hubs close to citizens. The project supported innovative European librarians to become powerful social and eco-nomic change agents. Our results? 

  • We created a network of innovative library professionals to strengthen their communities
  • We developed cross-border projects between our European network of major public institu-tions and funding partners
  • we advocated for libraries at EU level to foster political support and unlock funding opportunities
  • We organized advocacy work-shops, strategy sessions, 2 huge exhibitions in the European Parlia-ment, an European library tour with a book publication and identi-fied frontrunners in the European library field
  • In 2015, the publication Libraries Change Lives was released. Click here for the digital version.

Interested to engage? Please contact our friends at the Public Libraries 2030 project in Brussels. Public Libraries 2030 is a non-profit organisation that grew out of the Public Libraries 2020 programme. 

Building on the network of library leaders and European policy-makers which came together under PL2020, PL2030 works to give libraries across Europe an extra edge through the cu-ration of innovative projects and effective ad-vocacy. See here their website: